What is InnVento?

InnVento is a project foundedby Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG SA). Our twin goals are to support the development of startups in the energy sector and to jointly search for new technological solutions. InnVento is the first such initiative in the Polish oil sector. We strongly believe that the combination of international corporate experience and the innovative thinking of young entreprenurs and scientists can make a significant change both in the Polish and international energy sectors.


InnVento in a nutshell


We support the development of entities starting their business in a technological area. We provide a knowledge base, technological infrastructure, office space as well as administrative support and operational assistance (including legislative and accounting issues). We facilitate innovative entrepreneurs to establish new business contacts and relations.

What does InnVento offer

  • access to technological infrastructure, a client base and PGNiG knowledge
  • mentors’, consultants’ and coachs’ advice
  • support in obtaining external funding
  • establishment of business cooperation with PGNiG SA


The InnVento project is an incubator dedicated to young scientists and entrepreneurs. For the more experienced entrepreneurs we offer workshops based on the Open innovation idea
Warsztaty Innowacyjnych Pomysłów, which PGNiG is jointly organizing, in addition to the acceleration programme MIT Enterprise Forum Poland.

Let’s learn more about our areas of interest and apply for InnVento

We would invite applications from startups whose projects meet Capital Group’s technological challenges. InnVento members can count on the support of Capital Group experts. The opportunity to use of our resources may be particularly advantageous for young entrepreneurs and scientists – says Łukasz Kroplewski, vice-president of PGNiG Board, Development.


Before applying for InnVento, please read the conditions for participation in the programme.
Once you have read the conditions, please complete and submit the application form (it should take you max 30 minutes.)

3 steps. It’s easy!

Review and shortlisting. The projects we receive will be subject to quality- related assessment. During this process you may be asked to present additional documents and to clarify any relevant issues.

Incubation. During this phase, selected startups can utilise InnVento resources and support, providing an opportunity for dynamic growth and business development. You will have access to all kinds of support offered by InnVento.

Roll-out and acceleration. The incubation process will accelerate project development. It is possible that your startup will reach a sufficiently advanced stage of maturity to establish business relations with PGNiG.

Areas of interest

Exploration technologies in the natural gas sector

We are systematically improving methods of gas exploration to facilitate the full use of its potential.
We are intested in new solution in this area. For example:

  • Methane drainage from coal seams
  • Systems for horizontal wells drilling

New materials in the gas value chain

We are utilising new solutions in material engineering to improve gas distribution services. For example:

  • New drill materials based on nanoparticles
  • New plastic materials for use in natural gas distribution
  • Composite panels for paving to replace concrete slabs

Digital technologies in the value chain of natural gas

Building on the IT revolution, we are creating our own solutions. New technologies underpin a new era in the gas sector. We are looking for ideas in the following areas:

  • Information systems for monitoring drilling
  • Software for advanced 2D/3D seismic analysis
  • Telemetry and smart metering systems

Innovations in the natural gas useage

We aim to fully utlise the potential of natural gas. We are looking for ideas in the following areas:

  • New developments in the area of CNG and LNG technology
  • Energy recovery grom gas expansion

New products and services for final customers

We take particular care of our regular clients creating new cooperation models as well as positive working relations. The full potential is possible only while working together. We are continually searching for new solutions in this area, for example:

  • Development of a comprehensive and competetive offer for home and business, including solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Energy efficiency as a product (smart home, smart factory)

Distributed generation

We care about all kinds of energy, supporting solutions for numerous small lpartners. For instance:

  • New management models for distributed energy sources
  • Micro-cogeneration

New energy sources

PGNiG is not limited to natural gas. We participate actively in the development of alternative energy sources.

  • The use of hydrogen in the energy sector
  • Alternative fuels for the energy sector

Environmental protection in the energy sector

We belive in sustainable development and we pay attention to the environmental protection. We are looking for ideas in the following areas:

  • Energy efficiency
  • The reduction of emissions generated in combustion processes
  • The use of waste heat

Apply with your startup!

The InnVento incubator, created by PGNiG, provides an opportunity for the fast development of your enterprise or innovative project. Fill in the application form if:

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You are conducting scientific research or innovative business in one of PGNiG’s interest area: Continue

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e-mail: innvento@pgnig.pl

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